Wyger Smits: vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion; Wander van Duin: vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin; Klaas Akkermans: double bass, vocals.

Cotton Green chose for acoustic music at a time when sampler and sequencer dominated the music scene and making 'unplugged' music was definitely not the fashion.
"When you look at our instruments" Wander van Duin says, "you see a bluegrass, a country or a folkband, also because of our harmonizing. But our music is just that little bit different. Actually we mix all these influences and that is how the Cotton Green sound is created. It consists of a bit of sixties and seventies rock, a bit of blues, and some self-written material".
"We had promised to perform at a festival in Drachten." Wyger tells. "That was in '92. We simply looked at the instruments we had and then searched for a matching style of music, one that appealed to us and tallied with our musical abilities".
In the following years they appeared as supporting act of for example The Jayhawks, Golden Earring, Normaal and the Brandos. They performed live in programmes of the BBC, Omrop Fryslân, Radio Noord, VPRO-radio and a number of local radio stations, and they established a nice live-reputation at several stage and festivals throughout the country. The band was on tour in Ireland three times.
Their successful appearance as supporting act to The Jayhawks in June 93 resulted in a CD contract with Universe, a sub label of EMI/Virgin, and the making of 2 CDs: "Eddy was right" in '94 and "Totem" in '95.
In September 1999 Wilt Dijk, member from day one, decided to leave the band. Klaas Akkermans, known from bands as "Tinseltown Rebellion" and "Poldermodel" took his place. Guest musicians often play along to give the familiar Cotton Green sound a surprising touch.

At the moment the band is busy preparing for the third CD.

For more information:
COTTON GREEN, Hoofdweg 122, 9104 BJ Damwoude (The Netherlands)
tel: (31)511 541048 / (31)511 422500 fax: (31)511 424550
e-mail: info@wygersmits.nl