CD "Eddy was Right" 1992
Music: K. Akkermans, W. M. van Duin, G. Leguijt, W. J. Smits
Words: W. M. van Duin
Then summer turned and love grew stale
You found yourself out seeking' answers
Without your soul mate on your trail
You had your share of second chances

But you glide through your days in a black-and-white movie
Walking the streets like a star
Nothing to lose and there's no need to worry
About tomorrow's broken hearts

He used to live in a museum
You may look close but never feel
But when the pictures started fading
There was just walls and bars of steel

Then she came into your life like a nymph out of the water
And changed what you thought was real
But now that's gone and there's no hand to lead you
Across winter's frozen fields

Now you've found the change it's coming over you
And the answers to your questions are the things you want to do

And the eyes that you meet in the face of a stranger
The feeling of great things ahead
Colours of spring when you leave in the evening
And walk that same road again