West Wind
CD "Eddy was Right" 1992
Music & Words: W. M. van Duin
It's a long time I been gone
Sailing wooden ships in the evening sun
Feel the waves and the mighty tide

Far ahead of all the fleet
Feel the wooden deck beneath my feet
On a ship on the ocean wide

And all my mates they live their seasick lives in peace
Their yesterdays just lost tomorrows

But I'm standing at the wheel
Headin' for horizons I can't see
On the west wind I ride

Now I'm walking along the sands
Got the see round my feet and my clothes in my hand
And the red sun paints the sky

And I come down from the dunes
Where I walked around all the afternoon
Heard that lonesome seagull cry

I left my name there I guess I'll never take it back
I walked the shore till the tide washed away my tracks

Lookin' for some place
To find a brand new name and a brand new face
On the west wind I fly