Pickin' while it Rains
CD "Totem" 1995
Music & Words: W. M. van Duin
I been walkin' down the dust roads
Of these empty wasted years
Waiting for the winds of change to come
I been slippin' I been slidin'
I been flyin' for my fears
Tryin' to catch tomorrow 'fore it's gone

Some hurry on and pass we by
They say I waste my time
They mention everything there is to gain
But I lost sweet love I lost sweet dreams
And things that I called mine
So I guess I'll keep on pickin' while it rains

Well my radio kept yellin' and my television flashed
While I tried to find the words that I once read
And I thought I heard the answer that's a-blowin' in the wind
But it only was the thumpin' in my head