Sister Moon
CD "Totem" 1995
Music & Words: W. M. van Duin
Sister Moon she's got a ring around her finger
And it shines in the darkness when she's mine
She's alive she's a river as she trickles down my spine
Drench my body drown my mind

Sister Moon watch her in the night
Sister Moon

Sister Moon there's a whisper while she flies
In the night across pathways yet untried
And her hands hold the answer to my dreams
Like a knife like a silver thread of life
Sister Moon watch her whiles she flies
Sister Moon

She'll be leaving in the morning
When she almost is outrun
See her face in a burnt down place
Where she's flying for the sun

Sister Moon she's so fragile while she wanes
Veils her face for to hide the lines of pane
Comes the dawn, she'll be gone in clouds of gray
And I know that tomorrow will be rain
Sister Moon
Sister Moon